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Show Notes For Podcast #1 April 9, 2007

Posted by W. Keoki McCarthy in Podcasts.

For our first netcast we wanted to have a great topic so we brainstormed and decided to invite an expert in using your IRA to invest in Real Estate.  The reason we chose this topic is that so many people do not think they can use that money to invest without paying a penalty. However, not only can you, but it might be the smartest decision you’ve ever made. 

Our guest on this podcast was Mark Hodges.  Hodges has over 20 years experience as a Real Estate and §1031 Exchange Lawyer. He serves as President of Entrust Northwest, LLC, a local Administrator/Facilitator of “Truly Self-Directed Retirement Plans.” Over the years Mark has seen his business swell to several hundred accounts and $30 million in client assets since he formed Entrust Northwest LLC in 2003. Hodges got interested in the field after clients asked him if he could act as custodian for their IRA accounts if they invested in real estate. After some research, he applied to become the local affiliate of Oakland-based The Entrust Group Inc., a plan administrator that has been handling this type of investment since 1981.

Entrust Northwest can be found at  http://www.entrustnw.com/
Mark’s attorney website can be found at www.relawfirm.com

We discussed non recourse loans and mark mentioned two companies.  North American Savings Bank and Pacific Crest Savings Bank

To hear the podcast right click here and save target as.

For the answer to the multiple choice question click here.



1. Jono - April 12, 2007

Awesome! What a cool idea. I listened to the podcast and now I have a question. Last summer I formed an LLC with three other partners and we bought a house to flip. I dumped a bunch of money in it from my personal savings account. Is it too late to use my 401k?

2. W. Keoki McCarthy - April 16, 2007

Jono, thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. In regards to your question, the short answer is yes it is too late for this property. You can not transfer real estate you have an interest in into your IRA. Your IRA would have to purchase real estate or partner in a purchase of real estate that you have never owned. Here is a link with more information. http://www.theentrustgroup.com/investments-plans/real-estate.aspx

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