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Show Notes For Podcast #2 April 12, 2007

Posted by W. Keoki McCarthy in Podcasts.

In Show # 2 Dennis Depape of Depape Associates Architects discusses feasibility studies.  He gives some real world examples of studies he has been involved in and talks about what goes on during a feasibility study.  Dennis also talks about when to consult an architect and get him or her  involved in a project or transaction (the savvy investor knows it is sooner than you think) and the fact that a really thorough feasibility study can take a lot longer than the 30-60 days most sellers are willing to give you.   An architect can be a vital part of your team and a trusted adviser to you along the way.

You can find more about Dennis Depape or Depape Associates architects you can go to his website at www.depapearch.com

To hear this podcast you right click here and save target as.

Multiple choice test

Ok, here is the multiple choice question.You have a rental property and your tenant gave a $500.00 damage deposit when they moved in. However, they did not fill out a move in checklist detailing prior damage that existed to the property before they moved in. You have receipts showing that you put brand new carpet in the home mid way through their rental contract and they have stained the carpet to the point that it needs to be replaced for well over $500.00. What can you do in this situation? A. Keep their deposit as you have proof via the carpet receipts that it was damaged during their tenancy.B. Keep part of their deposit based on the damage minus normal wear and tear values.C. Return their deposit to them completely.
Mouse over here to see the answer



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